Sports graphics for WKRG and personal projects.

Animation for News 5 Investigates. After Effects.

Open animation for 5th Quarter. After Effects.

Open animation for "True Crime with Summer Poole." After Effects.
My 2022 motion design/animation reel.
After drawing the podcast art for Gravity Bros in Photoshop, I animated all the elements in After Effects. Music Licensed via Adobe Stock.
Animation for a news package made with stock illustration (other than the skyline in the background which is my own art). I edited the perspective of the vector art in Photoshop (the road in particular was not originally at such an extreme angle) and then animated everything in After Effects. The car and the firetruck intentionally run the red light.
My first animatic! Drawn in Photoshop, animated in After Effects.
After drawing the Muse to Sirens tarot card in Photoshop, I animated it in After Effects and created this lyric video for the band.
My cover illustrations for the True Blue Trilogy were done in Photoshop back in 2016. In 2020, my mom asked me to create an animated ad for her. Thankfully, I still had all my layered files! I animated the artwork in After Effects and put this video together in Premiere Pro. The music was licensed via Adobe Stock and edited (just a little) in Audition.