This is a homemade documentary tribute to my dad's coaching career (as well as a Father's Day gift). I had a limited amount of time after he announced he was leaving his previous team. I contacted over 115 people and asked for video testimonials, wrote the script (with the help of my mom), designed all motion graphics, and edited all video and audio. Unfortunately, I had to rush a bit toward the end in order to get it done in time for Father's Day, but I am still really happy with the finished product. The project was completed in about a month.
For this video, I wrote the script, filmed b-roll shots, edited the video, and created all motion graphics. I also learned to fly a drone!
This is an animated ad for my mom's book series. I did the illustrations and book covers back in 2016. In 2020, I created the animations in After Effects and put this video together in Premiere Pro. The music was licensed via Adobe Stock.
This is a short video meant to advertise these presentations on social media. I shot the footage and created the motion graphics in Premiere Pro. The opening is an animated version of the cover page used in the presentations. 
I wanted to make a short video with animated text similar to the style of videos done by NowThis. The intent was a short, non-narrated video which could be quickly watched with or without audio by someone scrolling through social media. Other than the "paint" transitions which were purchased from Envato, all of the motion graphics were done by me in Premiere Pro.
In this video, I wrote the script, shot footage, and edited the video.
This video is a recreation of an older video showcasing this roofing system. I was tasked with rewriting the old script, screening voice talent for the narration (using, assisting with the filming of the intro, and editing the video. I also found some fun transitions for the intro and outro that emulate the coating system being applied.
The most challenging part of this video was discerning what was being said due to the wind while adding captions.
This video was posted to social media for April Fool's Day. The various clips in this compilation were scattered throughout our files and I scoured them all for any funny moments. I am really pleased with the cold open!
The rooftop clips in this video were pre-recorded. I filmed the in-office shots, edited the script, and edited the video.
I filmed these shots on a whim with my Pixel phone and later decided to put them together in a video so there would be something with which to remember this event.
This is just a simple video I filmed with my Pixel, but I thought it wasn't half bad for an impromptu cooking show!